OTT Networks are struggling with the best business model to monetize their content and grow revenue opportunities. Their challenge continues to be how do they provide the commercial free viewing that paid subscribers expect yet access the advertising revenue that traditional entertainment networks have relied on in the past. FLX ‘s Consumer Requested Content (CRC) advertising technology is an on-demand advertising approach that allows consumers an opportunity to access information about products they see being used in the show.

Laptop_Cooking-smallThe patent pending CRC advertising technology allows the consumer to request information about products being used in the show they are watching, which is when the consumer’s interest is at its peak. The consumer clicks an icon or pushes the enter button on their remote and the system will pause the show and automatically loads a quick product video that provides the consumer with features and benefits of the product. The system also provides the consumer access to additional instructional videos, product reviews, available incentives and rebates, and the opportunity to buy now through the licensed retailer’s on-line store. At any point the consumer can resume watching their show from where they left off.

Manufacturers and show sponsors are embracing the CRC advertising technology,specifically the way it capitalizes on in-show product use, which is an increasingly important aspect of marketers’ television media strategy. Unlike traditional commercial spots, the CRC advertising technology targets consumers when they are most engaged with a product and provides a call to action that is not only measurable, but directly drives sales transactions.

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