Today’s consumers are hungrier than ever for relevant product information, but they often lack the patience to read product packaging or spec sheets and engaging them in traditional advertising is becoming more difficult. FLX’s technology helps retailers and manufacturers overcome these hurdles by delivering informative, educational and entertaining video content to targeted consumers as they shop in retail settings or on-demand when they see products being used on their favorite television shows. We provide the consumer helpful information when they are most engaged with our customer’s products.

The team at FLX includes professionals experienced in consumer behavior, brand development, media planning, retail point of sale, web and mobile application development. Our goal is to deliver technologies that provided impactful benefits to consumers, retailers, manufacturers, and OTT networks. To assure we meet these objectives we are committed to continuously advancing our technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Portfolio of Products:

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CRC Technology

OTT Networks are struggling with the best business model to monetize their content and grow revenue opportunities. Their challenge continues to be how do they provide the commercial free viewing that paid subscribers expect yet access the advertising revenue that traditional entertainment networks have relied on in the past. FLX ‘s Consumer Requested Content (CRC) advertising technology is an on-demand advertising approach that allows consumers an opportunity to access information about products they see being used in the show.

Laptop_Cooking-smallThe patent pending CRC advertising technology allows the consumer to request information about products being used in the show they are watching, which is when the consumer’s interest is at its peak. The consumer clicks an icon or pushes the enter button on their remote and the system will pause the show and automatically loads a quick product video that provides the consumer with features and benefits of the product. The system also provides the consumer access to additional instructional videos, product reviews, available incentives and rebates, and the opportunity to buy now through the licensed retailer’s on-line store. At any point the consumer can resume watching their show from where they left off.

Manufacturers and show sponsors are embracing the CRC advertising technology,specifically the way it capitalizes on in-show product use, which is an increasingly important aspect of marketers’ television media strategy. Unlike traditional commercial spots, the CRC advertising technology targets consumers when they are most engaged with a product and provides a call to action that is not only measurable, but directly drives sales transactions.

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Vizual Trainer

FLX’s Vizual Trainer technology was developed to help HR and Training departments tackle the challenges of training employees locating in remote locations. Initially designed to educate retail sales associates, the technology can be applied to any industry where consistent employee performance is critical to developing brand loyalty, maintaining strict industry compliance, ultimately the profitability of the organization.

The Vizual Trainer technology is a Learning Management Technology designed to provide a more effective and efficient way to train employees with the use of video content in a real working situation. Research shows that teaching methods that engage visual support (video) in a real job situations result in a 90% retention rate compared to classroom style lectures or reading that results in 5-10% retention rate.

Quick Facts about the Technology

  • On-demand access to video content or documents provides information and instructions on products, procedures, and equipment.
  • The data can be quickly accessed by scanning a UPC code or through a quick search function and icon menu.
  • Easy access allows Associates to use the technology as a reference in day to day operations or when working with a customer.
  • The technology will empower the employee to succeed at their job resulting in lower turnover and happier customers, which means a more profitable organization.
  • Technology packaged as a custom mobile app that operates on iOS or Android Platforms.

The Vizual Trainer technology can be integrated into an existing Learning Management System or function as a standalone LMS

  • The systems will utilize a unique employee login to track training progress against job performance.
  • The technology captures a variety of data to provide reporting on a local, regional, and company wide level.
  • Secure password access provides different levels of access based on specific needs
  • System reporting can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and easily access through a report console.
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FLX’s Scan2Vue™ technology not only delivers a rewarding shopping experience to consumers, but also allows retailers and manufacturers to influence consumers’ buying decisions at the point of purchase. Our system allows consumers to simply scan a product’s UPC code with their mobile devices to access informative product videos, customer ratings and reviews, and available purchase incentives — all boosting consumers’ confidence in their buying decisions. The technology can be integrated into a retailers existing mobile application or built as a standalone mobile application.

Scan2Vue’s back-end console is easy to use but extremely powerful. The system is designed to enable manufacturers and retailers to easily upload their own product videos, input or import product specifications, manage incentive offers, and quickly access analytical reporting.

While our technology provides substantial consumer benefits, the list of benefits for retailers and manufacturers is long and powerful including access to crucial analytics and insight into never-before-available consumer shopping intelligence. Please contact us to discuss the comprehensive list of benefits this technology brings a retail chain. In order for the licensed retailer to maximize the impact of Scan2Vue, access to the technology will only be available to a limited number of retailers.

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